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AIE’s Preferred Products

Why have we posted this page?

Quality epilators and supplies make a difference to procedural outcomes. This is especially important in the learning phase of an Electrologists’ life. Over our 38 year history, we’ve owned more epilators than most other schools in the country and certainly more than anyone west of the Mississippi. Today, we run our school using epilators that stand up to repeated use by students. Without question, the epilators on this page are reliable, intuitive to use and comfortable. Since 2015, we’ve not needed one repair with either of the Silhouet-tone models and the Instantron equipment has the high honor of only having cords and foot pedals replaced over time. We’ve never had to send one back for repair over our 38 year history! In fairness to Silhouet-tone, both the Evolution 5HD and their ST250 are relatively new machines. But based on their track record of reliability to date, we hope to be able to offer a good report card decades from now.

Conclusion: When an epilator is built right the first time, more often than not, they will work trouble free and last for years.

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These are the epilators that we use in our school:

Instantron Elite

Instantron Elite. It comes with a few options and is manufactured by the oldest epilator company in the U S. Instantron made it’s first epilator 140 years ago. Their quality is second to none and though it’s a more manual machine, it can be used to great effect by spending just a little time in learning mode. The Elite has intuitive controls that give an Electrologist easy access to every variation of each modality. Comfort and effectiveness are what most clients claim and affordability and reliability are second to none.

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ST Evolution 7 HD

Silhouet-tone is certainly the big boy on the block, both in size and reach. They sell their epilators and skin care equipment in 50 countries around the world and they have a research and development team that works full time on innovating and raising the bar across their entire product line. Their size and their financial resources plays to our favor. Customer support is second to none. Our grads who use both their ST250 and their Evolution 7 HD epilators appreciate the ease of use of both machines. And, they are hands down, value leaders. The most innovative epilator on the market, our opinion, is the Silhouet-tone Evolution 7 HD. Built on an Android platform, it has built in Wi-Fi for instant software updates. It’s "iPad style" touch screen makes it a breeze to set and use for any hair or skin type. New students love this machine. Within a few days of starting in our clinic, newbies working on the Evolution 7 HD look like senior students, simply because the machine’s presets are so accurate. It makes removing hair easy, fun and comfortable. If an operator has questions about settings or features, a 27 page manual is loaded on the machine and accessible at any time. Just back space to the manual. For a full report on this epilator and all of it’s features visit our Electrolysis Re-imagined page.

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ST 250 Epilator

ST 250 Epilator

The ST 250 is the best lowest priced and most reliable epilator that we’ve ever owned, and we've owned many. Students who’ve bought this model have only good things to say about the effectiveness and comfort of the treatment experience. Their clients tell them every day.

We love Silhouet-tone because sometimes it’s good to be BIG, and to have engineers working on product development year round. Equally important, they have the financial strength to fully support their products. They are the leader in epilator quality and comfort and offer a loaner program for our graduates, who may need service in the future. To date, we’ve had the ST 250 in our school for 3 years and have not needed service for one of our machines.

Cooler is better. This epilator runs at 6.75 MHz and uses less power, gives off less heat and is a truly green machine while effectively and comfortably removing hair. Over the long haul, cooler / less heat will mean greater reliability. To date, we can confirm this with both the ST250 and the Evolution 5 HD, another epilator that runs at 6.75 MHz.

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Preferred Supplies and Furniture currently used in our school:

Evo HD Probes

Not Fake News!

The Silhouet-tone line of probes, they call them Ibis, come in 1 piece, insulated and non-insulated, and 2 piece insulated and non-insulated. That's not news. What is news, is how much our instructors and students love them! Competitively priced with other brands, what we most like about them is the quality. What do we mean by that? We use mostly insulated probes in our school and you can see the insulation without magnification. Their insulation holds up better when using the blend than all other probes that we've used. Their 2 piece is a little stiffer than say a Protec 2 piece and much more so than any Sterex that we've used. In fact, we've discontinued Sterex in our school. Their inconsistent quality just doesn't cut it. One of our instructors likened the Ibis probes to the quality of the Laurier probes that she's used. For those unfamiliar with Laurier quality, this is a compliment. We'd recommend contacting Silhouet-tone and placing a small order. You won't be sorry. Their Miami head office is 800-552-0418.

IBIS Two piece insulated and non-insulated

  • Easy to use
  • Quick installation
  • Sanitary and safe
  • Suitable for all types of hair & body zones
  • 50 Probes/box

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Preferred Probes

preferred needles

IBIS one piece insulated and non-insulated

  • 30 per pack
Video - Advantages of Ibis 2 Piece Probes:

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Preferred Furniture

Omega 7 LED Magnifying Lamp

Omega 7 LED Magnifying Lamp

The Omega 7 is the one we use in our clinic. This is the best priced unit fully featured lamp in our school. We love it!


Stainless Steel Cart


  • Three steel shelves with safety rim around the back
  • Noiseless casters "Soft Wheel"
  • Two magnifying lamp support
  • Easy to clean: metal (steel)
  • Optional side module
  • Optional drawer


Comfort Stool


  • 2 adjustment levers: frontward-backward backrest adjustment (lateral backrest adjustment) and pneumatic height adjustment
  • Black base with 5 silent "Soft Wheel" caster
  • Adjustable height; Standard height: 17 to 22 in (43.1 to 55.9 cm)
  • Seat diameter: 13 in (33 cm)
  • Weight: 23 lb (10.4 kg)
  • Meets the standard CA 117 (fire-proof foam)


  • Multiple fabric & color choices
  • Height extender: 22" to 26.75" (56 to 68 cm) (code 413364)


Elite Bronze

The Bronze is the best table we’ve used in our clinic. It takes up to 450 lb and is as comfortable as any table we’ve used. And, it’s available in 15 colors so you can color key your work station to your room’s décor!

  • Length: 210.8 cm (83 in) without headrest
  • Width: 63.5 cm (25 in)
  • Height (Hydraulic system): 69.9 cm (27.5 in) to 82.5 cm (32.5)
  • Cushion padding: 7.6 cm (3 in)
  • Lift capacity: 204 kg (450 lb)

DaySpa Choice Awards

Elite Silver Star

Elite Silver Star

You’ll love this treatment bed! It’s adjustable and rotates 360 degrees. The best priced, strongest, fully featured bed in our school.

  • Also available in 15 colors.
  • Height adjustable, anatomical headrest to maximize client comfort
  • Pneumatic-assisted manual backrest recliner
  • Ergonomically designed armrests
  • Manually adjustable leg section
  • Unique 15º angle tip-up seat system
  • Manual tilting backrest
  • Integrated lumbar support
  • High quality hydraulic piston Adjustable height: min.: 26"" (66 cm) max.: 33.75"" (86 cm)
  • Manually operated back and leg rest to position the client for optimum comfort
  • Luxurious upholstery system that combines high quality, fire-resistant, easy maintenance fabric with plush 3"" (7.6 cm) foam padding
  • Adjustable feet for greater stability
  • Armrest and multi-position headrest included
  • Rotating chair (rotation 360º)

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For many years those of us associated with electrolysis understood that epilators operated at a frequency of 13.5 megahertz. About twelve years ago Dectro International introduced its Platinum line of epilators that operate at 27 MHz. Our horizons were expanded. Their claim is that hair is permanently removed 25% faster and with a degree of comfort previously unheard of. So what are we to make of an epilator that operates at 6.68 MHz?

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