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Some of the equipment we use:

Permanent hair removal is always in demand, which means that it is possible to have a career where you are rewarded both personally and financially! Do you know that certification as an Electrologist allows you to work almost anywhere in the world?

The future of electrology training is ahead of schedule at AIE where you can be licensed in as little as 150 days on our Fast-Track program! Getting certified couldn't be easier.

Our students train on the most advanced 27MHz equipment. These epilators are fast and comfortable. PAINFUL ELECTROLYSIS IS A THING OF THE PAST!

Electrology Questions and Answers

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A Message from Ron Davis, Director / Owner

Thank you for visiting our site. As an online consumer myself, I've frequently wished that websites would just cut to the chase, so that's what I've done for you.

The following 11 bullet points answer questions that I'm asked daily. In short, this is what you really need to know about completing an Electrology program that will lead to the professional designation of "Licensed Electrologist".

Now, if you are new to Electrology as a method of permanent hair removal and would like to learn why it's the only FDA approved method of permanent hair removal, call me. My number is 888-844-4247. For those of you who live in different time zones, we can make arrangements to speak after-hours as needed.

I take your decision to change careers seriously so I'll answer your questions without a sales spin. I've found that a simple presentation of our Features and Benefits works to everyone's benefit. Though this list will answer the most important questions, I know that I can't anticipate your thought process so call me if you need further clarification. I'm always pleased to hear from you.

Program Features and Benefits:

  • Certification leads to the position of business owner and/or instructor - educator.
  • AIE's open-enrollment advantage: For the past 29 years our students have been able to start any day we are open and self-pace through their programs. Take up to 1 1/2 years to complete if needed!
  • Your theory (almost half of your program) is done from home through our Online Academy, available 24/7.
  • Hands-on practical training can be done according to the schedule you set and this can change from week to week as needed.
  • You can participate in practical training 6 days per week. We are open 60 hours per week with daytime and evening hours.
  • Work on both theory and practical training together or separately, whichever helps you achieve your goals.
  • Partial scholarships are available and tuition payment plans are always interest-free. Most of our students qualify. Please visit: Scholarships for details.
  • AIE Pay-As-You-Go payment options are always interest-free! Unlike most vocational schools that use third party lenders to fund their tuition payment plans, we self-fund our student's tuition. As a result, past credit issues won't stand in the way of your education and we eliminate interest payments! We are able to create individual payment plans that meet our student's needs. Call to see how we can help you.
  • You will train on the most advanced equipment on the market today because we partner with the industry's leading manufacturers of epilators. This means that you will learn new techniques associated with the most current equipment and graduate with a technological advantage over the competition from day one!
  • As we enter year 29, (we began in 1986) we reap the benefits of our success daily by having many of our past graduates work as our instructors. Two of our graduates have become California State Electrology Examiners, including our current examiner, Robin Harris.

Below are four payment plans commonly used by our students.

AIE does not use banks, credit unions and third party finance companies to fund our tuition plans. This gives us the flexibility to create a personalized payment plan for you "interest-free". There are no additional hidden charges, ever. You only pay the tuition amount listed on our website, less any partial scholarship that may apply. Tuition is all inclusive and covers all costs associated with attending and completing your program.

To speak confidentially about your payment options call 888-844-4247 and ask for our Director, Ron Davis or Jazmin Tocsano.

Spanish speaking applicants, please call Jazmin Toscano at 888-844-4247.

Jazmin is the assistant to our Director. She is available during business hours on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 888-844-4247.

By Email:

English speaking applicants please call Ron Davis, Director at 888-844-4247.

Flexible Tuition Payment Plan:

Our Pay-As-You-Go plan allows you to pay throughout your program interest-free in equal monthly installments. If your schedule must change while in school, your payment plan adjusts too. You can complete your training anywhere from 4 to 18 months on this flexible plan. On this plan, when you're done, you are fully paid. Credit checks are not necessary.

Fast-Track: Looking to get into the marketplace as fast a possible? Our Fast-Track plan could be for you. We will commit to getting you through your licensing program in 150 days or less, if you can commit to attending full-time and fully paying your tuition while in school. We benefit by processing more students throughout the year. You benefit from an additional $650.00 reduction in tuition, over and above your scholarship! Call 888-844-4247 for more details. Credit checks are not necessary with this plan.

Two Extended Pay Funding Options are available on approved credit.

Funding Option One: Complete your program in 6 months and Option One gives you another 5 months to pay interest-free! To qualify, stay on track to complete your program in 6 months and while in school, pay 60% of your tuition. Upon approved credit, you can take another 5 months to pay the remaining balance of your tuition interest free.

Funding Option Two: Complete your program over 8 months and commit to paying 75% of your tuition while in school. Meet this goal and Option Two gives you an additional 6 months, 14 months total to pay your tuition, interest-free. All loans can be fully paid at any time without penalty. Funding Options One and Two are offered on approved credit. All programs require a deposit of $1,000 to start.

Veterans Affairs Approved. We are approved to offer assistance under a variety of Veteran's Affairs programs. Your tuition will be paid according to the VA's regulations and your terms of service. Please call for details: 888-844-4247.

AIE has been approved by the State of California's Bureau for Private Postsecondary Education for the past 29 Years.

From Classroom to Clinic, We have it all.

Upon completion of our programs, graduates receive a certificate of completion suitable for framing. Proof of training documents are also provided for programs that lead to licensure for most States in our nation as well as for international students. Practice management is covered in our program as well as assistance with web design.


Clinical training for our Electrology Programs is offered at our Tustin, California campus located 45 minutes from LAX, and 20 minutes from John Wayne Airport.

17632 Irvine Blvd. Suite 215
Tustin, CA 92780


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Want a New Career?

The American Institute of Education can put you on the fast track to a rewarding career. Stop dreaming about it and make it happen at AIE!

Want to learn more? Read Why Become An Electrologist to see why AIE's electrology program is right for you!

Call Now: 888-844-4247

Electrology Program


The American Institute of Education can put you on the fast track to a rewarding career as a licensed electrologist.

Stop dreaming about it and make it happen at AIE!

Want to learn more? Read Why Become An Electrologist to see why AIE's electrology program is right for you!

In just four months, you could be earning $60 to $120 per hour and working whenever and wherever you want. AIE's Electrology Program can make it yours.

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Electrolysis Reimagined

Evolution 5 HD

For many years those of us associated with electrolysis understood that epilators operated at a frequency of 13.5 megahertz. About twelve years ago Dectro International introduced its Platinum line of epilators that operate at 27 MHz. Our horizons were expanded. Their claim is that hair is permanently removed 25% faster and with a degree of comfort previously unheard of, and they are correct in every way.

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Meet the Graduates

Electrolysis Program Graduates

At the American Institute of Education, we let our electrolysis graduates speak for us! Our state-of-the-art training leads to exciting, financially rewarding careers. Our graduates are some of the most sought after electrologists in the market.

Meet the Graduates!


I really loved school at American Institute of Education and I selected it because I heard it was the best program. The experience was amazing even from the first phone call with Ron where tuition, scholarships, program hours flexibility, online access, and timely information is all top notch. The curriculum is national standard and includes all the latest and greatest topics that are hot in the industry.
- Russ Cameron, owner/manager
Skin Sensations in Las Vegas

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