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Where Do We Stand? Where Are We Going?
Suzie Drolet, Instructor, Institut Dectro, Québec

Dectro International is the world leader in hair removal by electrolysis (electroepilation). Since the very start, its team of engineers and technicians in the field of hair removal has worked with only one goal in mind: to eliminate hair as rapidly as possible while ensuring the best possible comfort for clients and protecting the skin surface against any short and long-term reactions. With this in mind, Dectro introduced on the market, a little over a year ago, the new Apilus® Platinum™ device which uses the ultra-rapid 27 MHz radio frequency.

With the advent of laser, many electrologists are worried about the survival of their profession. Let us reassure you: electroepilation remains the only 100% permanent hair removal method. As described in the article entitled "The Limits of Laser" published in the Winter 2006 edition of Actuelle magazine, laser can only be used to treat certain skin types and hair types. Even in the most favourable situation, namely white skin with dark hair, pilosity is reduced at best. Certain laser models or photoepilation devices yield better results than others, especially if they can be adjusted for the type of pigment and if they offer different penetration levels. Note that the choice of the technician, the training he or she has received and the type of laser used are also very important factors to take into account in this type of treatment. It is therefore recommended to compile as much information as possible before taking any decision. On the other hand, hair removal by electrolysis has existed for over 130 years; you can therefore give and receive electroepilation treatments in all safety and confidence, regardless of the client’s hair color and skin type.

With previous generations of Apilus® computerized epilators, we created several techniques that enhanced both the comfort of our clients and the effectiveness of our treatments. Among these, note the Flash™ method (in hundredths of a second), MicroFlash™ (in thousandths of a second, rapid thermolysis), MultiPlex™ (combination of slow thermolysis in seconds and rapid thermolysis in thousandths of a second). We combined these techniques with proportional dual pulsing, where one pulse is delivered in the bulge area and a second pulse is delivered in the dermal papilla, the two areas that host germinative cells responsible for hair growth. In fact, we observed excellent results with the dual pulse MultiPlex™, which can deliver a very important amount of energy in the targeted lower 2/3 of the hair follicle. Of course, when using a dual pulse technique, it is important to reduce treatment parameters (time) so as to avoid producing too much energy. Certain devices, namely the Apilus® Senior II™ with iMM-Pac, SX-500™ and Platinum™ offer a proportional pulsing function that automatically adjusts your parameters to an adequate ratio.

Today, with the new Apilus® Platinum™, which uses a frequency twice as rapid as that of any other device, it is possible to work with much shorter treatment times. For instance, the PicoFlash™ technique, a new ultra-rapid thermolysis technique, generates instant coagulation to destroy all the cells responsible for hair growth, with unrivalled comfort for clients. The pulse is so quick and concentrated that the client barely has time to feel it, and the results are visible even after just one session. Hurrah for 27 MHz technology! Note that the MultiPlex™ and PicoFlash™ techniques with proportional dual pulsing are also available on the Apilus® Platinum™, but they are even more comfortable thanks to the 27 MHz frequency.

The results of our research and the integration of new technologies have enabled us to push back the limits of electroepilation even further. Our main goal has always been to offer you, and your distinguished clients, hair removal techniques with peak performance. Our latest innovation in this regard is the Synchro™ technique (patent pending), in which a hundred or so ultra-rapid PicoFlash™ micropulses are delivered throughout the lower part of the follicle. Conclusive testing has shown that the Synchro™ will be more effective in completely destroying the cells in the lower 2/3 of the follicle, thus yielding results more rapidly than other traditional hair removal techniques. However, accurate insertions are critical and it is necessary to learn a new application technique in order to use the Synchro™ method accurately. It is also important to note that the Synchro™ technique is recommended to treat hairs in the anagen phase, when the depth of insertion is sufficient to allow movement of the probe.

Of course, with the power of our devices and the new techniques at our disposal, it is important to concentrate energy at the right location in the hair follicle while protecting the skin of our clients. To do so, the use of insulated probes is critical at all times, especially with the dual pulse technique and the Synchro™. Pro-Tec™ offers two types of insulated probes, namely IsoGard™ and IsoBlend™. The choice of one or the other will depend on the type of hair, the depth of insertion and the hair removal technique.

New, leading-edge working methods are now within your reach: PicoFlash™, proportional dual pulsing, and Synchro™ with the 27 MHz frequency. It’s up to you to allow your clients to experience this unique and very comfortable technology that yields astonishing results.


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For many years those of us associated with electrolysis understood that epilators operated at a frequency of 13.5 megahertz. About twelve years ago Dectro International introduced its Platinum line of epilators that operate at 27 MHz. Our horizons were expanded. Their claim is that hair is permanently removed 25% faster and with a degree of comfort previously unheard of, and they are correct in every way.

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