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Be Your Own Boss: Consider a Career as an Electrologist

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Is it time to reinvent yourself? Are you looking for a career where you can be your own boss? About 30% of our student body, in any given year, enroll to reinvent their work lives. Many left corporate America (or were a victim of downsizing) and realized that finding security within a “corporate home” was an outdated belief.

However, there can be several concerns associated with leaving a company. Here are a few of the most common concerns we hear about at the American Institute of Education and a way to reflect your options when considering a career as an Electrologist.

Concern: Do I really want to remove hair for a living?

If that is what you think we’ll be doing, I encourage you to read on. Permanent hair removal is far more than just simply pulling hair. That is a mechanical process that occurs after the follicle has been destroyed. There is a much more important aspect of this career path. The work an Electrologist performs delivers peace of mind to many troubled people.

In some instances, it leads to a personal renewal of your client base. So many people are self-conscious, especially women who have unwanted facial and body hair that can be seen by everyone. It is not overly dramatic to say that facial hair, in particular, can be emotionally devastating. As an Electrologist, you are giving many of your clients a renewed self-image and, in turn, a new lease on life. It is a much a psychological treatment as it is hair removal.

Concern: As an Electrologist, I have to sell my services to people and I am not a sales person.

At the American Institute of Education, we teach our students that they are not so much sales people as they are specifically trained individuals who, because of their education and licensing, can offer insight and clarity to everyone who is concerned about a permanent solution to a wicked problem: unwanted hair. Unlike waxing, shaving, or going for multiple laser treatments that do not fully deliver, their treatments will result in being forever hair free, and that means clients will experience something they have never had: no embarrassing, unwanted hair!

Now, ask yourself, is that selling? The answer is no. It can be seen as educating, or even consulting, but it is not selling. What our graduates do is offer insight into the confusing marketplace of hair removal options by pointing to a permanent solution, a solution they themselves can offer.

A Great Career Choice for Busy Moms

Are you a mom? Many of our students and graduates are busy moms looking to find a career where they can set their own schedule. The plan was, and is, to become a licensed Electrologist precisely so they can work the hours that THEY WANT! They can build flex time into their lives and as their families grow older, they can reboot their established businesses to generate more sales to match newly available time. Electrologists have control over their workflow, which means you are in control of your success!

Set your earnings targets. Have you worked for a corporation, big or small and had annual reviews? Any salary increase you received was based on whether or not you hit your performance targets. It didn’t matter if life threw you surprises, or if your cost of living went up unexpectedly. Your review was your review and your pay was your pay.

When you choose a career as an Electrologist, you are in total control of what you make.

What is the Average Salary for an Electrologist?

Our graduates typically charge anywhere from $70.00 to $110.00 per hour, depending upon their location. To get an idea of an average salary, we will use the low end of the hourly rate and less than 40 hours per work.

Let’s say you charged $70.00 per hour and wanted to work an average of 30 hours per week. Your gross earnings will be $2,100 per week. If you worked 3 weeks per month, that is a gross of $6,300 per month. If you only wanted to work 10 months out of the year, your annual gross earnings will be $63,000.

Now, calculate 40 hours per week at $70.00 per hour, 4 weeks a month, 12 months per year and you will easily gross over $100,000 each year! Better still, plug in the values that appeal to you. It is an interesting, yet simple exercise. Overhead costs are very low because your work station takes up very little space and the cost of supplies is less than $5.00 per treatment.

Return on Investment

The cost of becoming an Electrologist, including education and necessary equipment, typically ranges from $12,000 to $15,000, depending upon the equipment you decide to purchase. Most will see a return on investment well within the first year, assuming they work full time.

Start Planning Your New Career

As a self-employed Electrologist, you are able to create more work by yourself and for yourself. In today’s age of social media marketing, it is easy to generate more work. Why make money for someone else when you can independently direct your own career and reap the benefits of your efforts? You can break that cycle with an Electrology license.

Ask yourself: is leaving a job to create a career as a licensed Electrologist a possibility for you? If you have doubts or extenuating circumstances and think that you’d benefit from a conversation with the author of this article, text 310-754-6920 and set a time for a chat. There is no cost or obligation and the information you gain may just change your life. We look forward to hearing from you.

Ron Davis,
Director American Institute of Education
Established 1986

Posted on: August 29, 2019

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