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Update on Bethany Abbott

Update on Bethany Abbott

Before and after stories benefit us all. They can offer insight and at times inspiration. We hope you enjoy this snap shot of  a recent graduate. Featuring Bethany Abbott, a graduate from 2015 who is licensed for electrology in California. Leading up to 2014, Bethany held several administrative jobs, none of which lead to anything resembling a career path.  Her home was best described as shared accommodations. Her place of employment at the start of that year was working as a receptionist at a successful Electrologists practice in Fullerton, CA. This established hair removal center was started by Janice Bixler who in time added her Electrologist daughter and another former graduate of our school. Everyone was busy. 

Bethany soon noticed that the clients she greeted then rescheduled for treatments were delighted with their results. Experiencing the bustle of this practice and seeing the inner workings of a successful business was educational and allowed Bethany to visualize herself as a practitioner. The Electrologists around Bethany encouraged her to take the next step; call AIE for more information. Finances were a challenge at that time but we were able to assist her and she enrolled. Bethany still needed to work so she entered as a part time student. By the fall of 2015, Bethany had graduated and passed her licensing exam. Her career as a licensed Electrologist started where her last administrative job left off, in Fullerton, working along side Janice and her associates. Fast forward to today, Bethany still works with Janice and one day a week, at a clinic in Beverly Hills that is owned by another AIE graduate. She is very much in demand and can work more hours than she actually has.

On a personal level, Bethany no longer shares accommodations. She’s had a home of her own for the past two years. More importantly, there is time for Bethany to pursue personal interests. She has always loved to sing and she now has time to grow musically.  Additionally, she’s assisting a friend with a business start-up.  It isn’t beauty related but her business experience and willingness to help others is being put to good use.  A couple vacations to places she's always wanted to visit happened last year with more planned for the future.

We measure success individually however we all share a desire for fulfilling work, personal growth and the security of a home of our own.  From that platform of personal success, anything is possible. Congratulations Bethany, on a life well lived!

Posted on: April 29, 2019

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