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Epilator Offer

Welcome to our first blog!  Today we bring attention to a problem that many Electrologists are living with, technical issues with 27MHz epilators.  Through this blog, we’re offering a partial solution, student pricing for Silhouet-Tone equipment.

The Offer:

Buy a Silhouet-Tone epilator at AIE Student Pricing: You can benefit from our student discount and save on tax as well on both the ST 250 or the Evolution 5 HD. Text Ron Davis @ 310-754-6920 for pricing and the best times for a call.  (Texting avoids voicemail and multiple messages.)

You’ll be buying directly through our school to benefit from student pricing.  Use any credit card or pay by check or money orders.  Equipment is in stock and shipped within a day or two from Miami.  We are processing the sales but you’ll deal directly with Silhouet-Tone’s sales rep Laurie Krebs and the customer service personnel at Silhouet-Tone’s Miami head office.

The Silhouet-Tone Benefit Package

  1. Immediate school discounts.
  2. Loaner Program. Silhouet-Tone offers loaners should you require repairs. No more client cancellations if your epilator needs repair.
  3. On the west coast, a training session can be booked at AIE or Skype a session with Silhouet-Tone’s Master Trainer, Vickey Panos.  She can also answer questions now and ongoing. 
  4. Free Ibis Probes: A sample pack of Silhouet-Tone’s Ibis probes is included with every order.  This is a big deal!  Our instructors agree that Ibis probes are the best we’ve ever used in school and they’ve all switched over too.  Ibis comes in one piece, insulated and non-insulated and two piece insulated and non-insulated.  And, you’ll like the price.
  5. Financing:  We help our students finance their equipment and furniture.  You can benefit from financing too.  We work with a lending company that will allow you to pay over 2 years on approved credit.  Call Ron Davis for details @ 310-754-6920.


The Back Story:

At one time, we owned more 27 MHz epilators than anyone west of the Mississippi.  We began divesting ourselves of them early in 2015.  It took a year and a half but we eventually replaced them all with Silhouet-Tone equipment starting in May of 2015.

Here’s what you need to know: 

  1. Almost 3 years later, we can report that none of our Silhouet-Tone machines have needed service. Not one. They work as well as they did on day one. Keep in mind that our epilators are heavily used by our student, but they keep on working.
  2. Silhouet-Tone epilators are very comfortable…both work at 2 / 1000th of a second in thermolysis and they’re very easy and intuitive to use.
  3. They are green machines. They use less power and generate less heat. That’s good for the internal circuit boards and components.  They will last longer.
  4. They are not susceptible to R. F. (radio frequency) interference.
  5. There’s no new vocabulary to learn before you turn one on. And, with a starting price of 2,600, they’re reasonably priced.

There’s technical information and lists of features for both epilators on the Silhouet-Tone site.

And you can read more on our site by clicking on the Preferred Products icon on our home page. 

Additionally, you can speak with Silhouet-Tone’s sale rep, Laurie Krebs 786-797-9957 or Vickey Panos, their corporate trainer, 407-793-6314.  I suggest that you text them first to set up the best time for a call.  They are both based on the east coast, 3 hours ahead of us here in CA, so a text lets them set up a time just for you.

If you have old equipment in need of an update or ongoing technical issues that can’t be resolved, check out these epilators.  You’ll be glad you did.  And, you won’t spend a fortune making the change!

Posted on: March 29, 2018

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