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What's Your Frequency?

Clément Beaumont, President
Dectro International

Thanks to intensive research conducted in recent years by Dectro International in conjunction with the Centre hospitalier de l'Université Laval (CHUL) in Québec, the practice of electrolysis has evolved tremendously in terms of comfort and performance. In fact, the results of this research led to the development of a brand new technology: an epilator using a current frequency that is twice as fast as traditional epilators, namely 27 MHz rather than the usual 13.56 MHz. How critical is this new discovery for clients of the electrolysis industry?

Let's Start from the Beginning

Two types of current are used in electrolysis: galvanic and alternating. The term electrolysis refers to the use of galvanic current, thermolysis to alternating current and combined currents to the combination of the two currents. Galvanic current is unidirectional; it is a continuous current. The research discussed here focuses on alternating current. As its name indicates, this current varies constantly by changing directions, from the positive to the negative (1 cycle). The resulting frequency is measured in hertz (Hz). For example, 60 cycles per second represents a frequency of 60 hertz (the current changes directions 120 times over the course of a second). Can you imagine a frequency of 27 megahertz: the current changes directions 54,000,000 times in a single second! To perform permanent hair removal treatments, conventional thermolysis techniques use a frequency of 13.56 MHz.

In short, thermolysis is a coagulation process whereby cells responsible for hair growth are destroyed by heat (see also "A Bit of Science: Bulge Versus Bulb" article published in the Winter 2005 edition of Actuelle magazine). The coagulation process is the result of the attraction and repulsion of water molecules present within the cells of the hair follicle, which is why treatments should be performed on well-hydrated follicles (in the anagen phase whenever possible). As the frequency increases, so does the amount of heat absorbed by water molecules. The 27 MHz frequency therefore generates twice as much heat as the 13.56 MHz frequency.

The Challenge

Integrating an ultra-rapid 27 MHz frequency into an electrolysis device proved to be quite a technological challenge. The characteristics of this frequency are so particular that the electronic circuitry had to be completely redesigned! The new device, called the "Apilus® Platinum™", was therefore designed on a totally different basis relative to other epilators, using parts at the cutting edge of technology in order to fully exploit the new frequency. This feat was achieved thanks to a team of qualified engineers and is currently patent pending.

Another Advantage

We already knew that using an insulated probe effectively concentrates the current at the tip (therefore at the desired location) and avoids needlessly heating surrounding tissues, which in turn makes electrolysis treatments more comfortable. However, studies conducted on scalp biopsies showed that by combining the ultra-rapid 27 MHz frequency with the use of an insulted probe, the energy was even more concentrated at the tip of the probe than when using a 13.56 MHz frequency. The combined use of the 27 MHz frequency and the insulated probe therefore promises dazzling results!

New Hair Removal Modes, Greater Effectiveness

Additional research on the new 27 MHz frequency led to the development of new modes of treatment (available on the Apilus® Platinum™), all designed to make the most of this new technology and get the best possible results.

PicoFlash™ (1)

The PicoFlash™ technique consists in applying a split-second pulse of 27 MHz thermolysis current, which is barely perceptible, making treatments really comfortable.

Synchro™ (2)

In the Synchro™ technique, hundreds of PicoFlash™ 27 MHz micro-pulses are applied in a synchronized fashion. These ultra-rapid micro-pulses are delivered at a weak intensity. The electrologist must move the probe from the bulge to the hair papilla when using this mode in order to enhance the destruction process. This innovative technique (patent pending) is used exclusively with insulated probes and completely eliminates the lower 2/3rd of the hair follicle.

EvoluBlend™ (3)

The EvoluBlend™ method is different in that it applies a gradually increasing galvanic current, going from 0mA intensity and increasing to the client's tolerance level. A 27 MHz thermolysis current is simultaneously applied; a combination that is sure to be effective even on the toughest hairs.

A revolution in the field of permanent and comfortable hair removal is finally underway… thanks to Dectro International and the Apilus® Platinum™.


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